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Community Concept

It is our long-term goal to eventually establish an inter-supportive 'community' under the all-encompassing banner of SOULSCAPES. The principles governing this future concept would naturally incorporate SOULSCAPES given principles

In addition to the above, we hope to create a commune-inclined group of likeminded and spiritually focused human beings who mutually seek the unquestionably inter-supportive and inspirational human interaction that such a community would provide. Loosely based upon the kibbutz philosophy, we include the addendum principle of:

 'All community members will work cohesively together as a group with a mutuality of motivational goals and, dependent upon individual giftedness, individual members will also make the compensatory adjustments necessary to fill and thereby eliminate any perceived needs within the basic communal structure.'

'Mutual respect and democratic equality amongst all members is anticipated, for no formal structures of leadership or specific portfolio management is anticipated; thereby, mature self-discipline must be a given within each community member.'

In time, Gary and Drummond hope to find the ideal geographical situation for this community-venture within the mountainous region of the Eastern Freestate Province of South Africa. Perhaps others will be inspired to assist them in their search? Ideally it should be a property large enough to incorporate several independent-standing dwellings (including the proposed restaurant and all any other future 'hospitality' venues) by which a semblance of self-independence and personal privacy would become a given for the individual members of this wider-based community. In the long-term they perceive that a percentage-based co-ownership of the entire property would become feasible for individual community members, naturally dependent upon specific membership input, either material, monetary or 'in kind'.

The SOULSCAPES partnership also idealistically perceives that the community's property should eventually contain a large flower, herb and vegetable garden that apart from making the given community as self-sustainable as possible, will also in time provide quality fresh produce to the local populace by way of an informal commercial 'market-place'.

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