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Drummond Marais showed signs of artistic giftedness at the earliest age. Whilst most children were drawing stick-men, this particular boy was attempting to accurately represent the far more detailed physical features of the human face and body. Such premature observational skills stimulated a need to two-dimensionally recreate whatever he saw, so much of his early art works entailed the magnified representations of tiny-imaged cartoon characters in his innumerable comics and story books. This naturally led to drawings and paintings of live subject matter such as flowers, trees, buildings and more often than not, fairly naive portraits of people.

During his secondary education at Que Que High School, Drummond was blessed by the inspirational presence of an art teacher of note. Jean Travers-Dade's nurturing influence gradually guided his emergent artistic talents through new explorative realms of two and three-dimensional art forms. He discovered a natural affinity within sculpture and model structuring and he likewise successfully mastered fabric printing and batik making. Meanwhile his observational abilities were constantly being stretched and honed within almost every available technique and medium. By his mid-teens, Drummond was already recipient of many prizes and trophies for his impressive artistic efforts.

During his tertiary education, artistic pursuits remained a principle focus. Drummond chose Fine Art as his major discipline study at the Bulawayo Teachers College, in Rhodesia. His subsidiary subjects were Drama and English Literature. This advanced education in art was supervised by the rather imposing presence of Ieuwen Morgan Davies, a highly successful artist in his own right who was likewise a dauntingly demanding artistic mentor! However Drummond's specific talents were positively stimulated by such challenges and he continued to excel, meanwhile embracing further knowledge of artistry and diverse expertise within multiple art techniques. He graduated from T.T.C. in 1971 and his first teaching post was Head of the Art Department at Guinea Fowl High School, Gwelo, where he remained for the following two years.

Drummond's art pursuits were temporarily interrupted when he decided to further advance his drama studies in England. Then in 1975 he returned to Rhodesia and took up another teaching post as Head of the Art Department at Fort Victoria High School. He remained there until his emigration to South Africa in 1978.

His arrival in South Africa disappointingly revealed the then-government's stubborn non-recognition of his universally accredited teaching certificate, although verified by the internationally acceptable University of Rhodesia. Drummond was no longer qualified to teach art! However an innate survival instinct drove him to pursue vitally urgent and fairly lucrative employment within a totally contrasting yet artistically related new realm of work. He accepted a position as Head of the Art Display Department at Garlicks, East London, and during the following few years he headed up a team of four, responsible for the design and implementation of all window dressing and general interior displays within this upmarket department store. He soon extended his personal portfolio by taking on all responsibility for Garlicks' newspaper advertising. This in turn provided him with added confidence within the area of so-called 'commercial art', and by 1982 Drummond had formed and was successfully operating a small freelance commercial-art 'design' company of his own.

When he finally decided to give up any accrued semblance of financial security and job stability by entering the realms of professional acting, in 1982, he naturally assumed that his 'artwork' would once again have to be put on-hold. However, throughout his acting career of the past 24 years, Drummond has continually found time and creative energy to confirm, re-evaluate and often exceed all his past artistic endeavours. During the past twenty years he has infrequently held 'exhibitions' of his artwork, but has often made use of minor galleries and gift shops through which his work has been purchasable.

With his imminent 'retirement' from theatre and all its relative performing arts, Drummond Marais now looks forward to yet another intense, challenging and hopefully fulfilling creative period as an ARTIST! He recently began some primitive experimentation within the limitless realms of photography, intuitively sensing that this particular medium may potentially provide him with refreshed creative expressiveness in years to come? He will soon be living within the inspirational sandstone mountains of the Eastern Freesate where he knows his artistic juices will flow in great abundance!
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