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Writing is a fairly new creative discipline for Drummond Marais. Although he has been an avid reader since childhood, later completing tertiary studies in English Literature at the Teachers College in Rhodesia, which subsequently led to his formal school-teaching of this subject matter, he was seldom previously inspired to fully explore the realms creative writing for himself.

However he began 'tinkering' with words about a decade ago by jotting down phrases and thematic concepts that were apparently soul-inspired. This soon developed into an emotionally therapeutic and cerebrally satisfying process that he frequently exercised, for it assisted in the illumination of much conclusive analysis and the subsequent emotional releasing of previously undealt-with psychological baggage. Most of that early 'writing' consisted of prose-poetry, which because of its intrinsic need for conciseness, formal structure and expressive exactitude proved to be most suited to his creative and emotional needs at the time. 

In 2002, Drummond decided to further explore the written word by beginning work on an autobiography. He was 52 years of age at that time and although well aware that others would perceive such a book to be premature, he became fixated with the personal benefits that the literary encapsulation of the diverse influences upon his life, thus far, might potentially contain. His as yet unpublished autobiographical account entitled 'I STILL CLIMB TREES' was completed at the end of 2005. The book consists of three main themes:

  1. Firstly it records the fifty-five-year personal journey of a white African male, with a major focus upon the inner turmoil and psychological challenges that influence his gradual maturation. His latent homosexuality, which led to the break up of his marriage and subsequent abandonment of his son, is poignantly dealt with and all personal relationships and life circumstances are revealed with uninhibited honesty;

  2. Secondly, it contains a running commentary upon the performing arts in general. Having spent fifty years of his life with theatre being the main focus for his creative energies, the writer's continuous devotion to this art form becomes more than apparent. However, because of his firmly upheld principles and ethics therein, there are no holds barred when he comments with unapologetic indictment upon the dubious structures that exist within the given acting profession;

  3. The book's third theme consists of an underlying message of positivity and hopefulness. During the past ten years the writer has been deeply engaged upon a spiritual path towards overall 'soul' enlightenment as he now acknowledges this to be the greater purpose for human life on earth. He believes that all soul-embodied beings should be guided and encouraged to strive towards such spiritual awareness in order to achieve their overall soul fulfilment as purposeful beings.

Drummond Marais has had many articles published during the past year or so, most notably through South Africa's monthly gay newspaper 'EXIT'. His provocative sociological commenting under the column-title of 'STR8TALK' often evoked vitriolic responses from certain members of the local gay fraternity who aggressively disagreed with his seemingly opinionated observations of gay life in this country! Fortunately this particular writer has never been swayed by public opinion, nor has he ever sought public acceptance or recognition. He thereby upholds his given right, within the constitutionalised 'freedom of speech' within South Africa, to continue with his consistent efforts to inspire, provoke, stimulate or uplift his readers through whatever literary channels are available to him.    

Drummond is currently focussed upon two works-in-progress. Under the working-title of 'OBSESSIVE SEX' he is fictitiously narrating a localised South African novel with a gay theme. Its hero is a closeted homosexual male who grows up within the homophobic atmosphere of colonial African society, during the 1950's and '60's. It traces his youthful emigration to the United Kingdom and his evocative experiences within the sexually liberated London of the 1970's, resulting in the subsequent acceptance of his own gay identity. He later returns to Africa to reclaim his natural birthright, where the narrative continues to observe his gradual maturation and general evolution as he approaches the half century of his life on earth.

The second work-in-progress is journalistic in nature. In it the writer attempts to recreate the immediacy and intimacy of a private daily diary. In essence, 'A POSITIVE JOURNEY'S JOURNAL' (working-title) is the ongoing sequel to the writer's personal autobiography 'I STILL CLIMB TREES' and therefore it's eventual publishing lies a long way off!  

The following are some examples of Drummond's Writing.
( feel free to download the pdf files, print them & read them /copyright © Drummond Marais 2006)

The  Art of  Climbing Trees QUEER-STR8-TALK _Relationships
Eighth extract from I STILL CLIMB TREES  
First extract from 'OBSESSIVE SEX'  
Fourth extract from 'OBSESSIVE SEX'  
Sixth extract from 'OBSESSIVE SEX'  
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