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Future Goals

It is our long-term goal to eventually operate a successful restaurant on the premise of SOULSCAPES. This concept will encompass a flexible venue that will suitably transform itself from an intimacy catering to sophisticated style and privacy, to one that is capable of entertaining large group-functions when necessary.




         Although Gary and Drummond are certainly no strangers to large-scale entertaining within their individual personal capacities, the latter has already garnered some professional experience within this realm.





In 2003, Drummond partnered his hosting and entertainment skills with those of his long-standing friend, the amazingly indefatigable Elzabe Zietsman! 'ZIETSIES' Restaurant in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, soon flourished under their joint inspirational talents, specializing in elongated Sunday luncheons that boasted a regular set-menu comprising some seven courses.



They also frequently hosted intimately up-market private and corporate functions on an exclusively invitational basis. Although Drummond withdrew from his involvement with 'ZIETSIES' Restaurant at the beginning of 2005, due to his increasingly hectic career-schedule as a professional actor.




Elzabe has continued to organically grow and further establish their original joint-concept. 'ZIETSIES' Restaurant (www.elzabezietsman.co.za) in Johannesburg is highly recommended by SOULSCAPES!